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Baccas Bowel and Colon cancer Awareness Charity SC037701

Bowel Cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in the UK. after Lung Cancer
Around 16,200 died of bowel cancer in the UK in 2012 more than 44 people every day.
Bowel cancer in Scotland is the 3rd most common cancer in both sexes. If caught in the early stages there is a good chance of surviving.
Only 9 out of every 100 (9%) in Scotland are diagnosed in the early stages. 30 out of 100 (30%) have advanced stages when they seek help.
In Scotland people from the age of 50 to 74 will get sent to them every 2 years a bowel screening kit. This is a very simple test to do and you do it in your own home then send it off.
A friend of mine got her's did it and sent it back there was something there so she got treatment and she is all clear now so it really does catch things early.
If you think something is not right with your bowel motions do not put off go to the doctor and they will get it looked at.
April is Bowel cancer awareness so please help in some way to raise awareness of this cancer. You do not need to wait till April anytime would be good to do something to help raise awareness of this cancer. Please if you do get your bowel testing kit do the test. It is the new test now. It is much easier to do. The new test is also much more sensitive and is picking up much more than before that is very good but please if you get a possitive result do not panic it does not always mean it is cancer but if it is then it is found early and the out come could be very good.

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